Classes, workshops, coaching

Teaching meditation and helping people become present has become a real passion of mine. It is so interesting for me to see how much we as a human race have become so inundated by information, communication, things to do and places to go. There is hardly any time to sit with ourselves in silence and actually DIGEST what is happening in our world. If we don't take this time to STOP, breathe and integrate, each day just passes us by so quickly and every day seems very similar to the next. Our stress response is HIGH and there's no time to rest & digest.

Meditation really allows us to get to know ourselves, in a deep and intimate way. Without this intentional time and space, we can end up becoming like everyone else, feeling lost, depressed, anxious and living a life that is not in alignment with our true selves. I will be teaching a weekly meditation class every Friday (please message me for details) continuing to teach workshops and coaching meditation and soul guidance one-on-one. If you are feeling disconnected / lost / depressed / anxious / alone / in need of a meditation practice / curious about tapping into your intuition & guidance, I am here for you. Namaste